Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Choosing a Career In Penetuan Influence Teens

In the socio-emotional development of adolescents, there is an interesting discussion about the youth in understanding the work and also in determining a good job or career deserves. Under normal circumstances a few examples and info neighbors career, one can choose a favorite work. In this case the subjectivity of people will emerge. In children and adolescents is still very subjective element controls so that option is not too realistic.For example a child wanted to become a bus driver because on the basis of his experience is still limited, deemed so interesting to sit behind the wheel vehicle that is so big. Employment options that really is not a momentary act alone, but rather is the result of a process of thought and some experience, although the results will probably also be able to be temporary again.

In fact, a teenager when making career choices, often do not do for himself. Determination and selection of a young career is determined by various factors, including, Parent played a role in determining the direction of career choice on their teenagers. Although ultimately successful in carrying out subsequent career is highly dependent on the skill and professionalism in children who live it. Because this is related to the problem of financing education, the future of their children in order to focus properly, so even if the parents participating in school career guidance start times, so that their children choose courses that can guarantee the life of his career.

Friends, No doubt, in fact, the social environment in adolescent group is quite an impact on a person in choosing majors courses in high school or university. They may feel uncomfortable when not the same as in the choice of majors or courses of study. Influence of friends this is an external peer group. If teens do not have the internal drive, bakata interests or skills needed to complete a task or demand, then it will likely fail.

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